Welcome to CCWellbeing

Hi, my name is Shahara – your CCW Mental Health Wellbeing Advisor. Bit of a long title I know…but all it means is that I’m here to support and advise you with all thing’s mental health. This blog is all about giving you all the information that you might need about mental health. I’ll be updating posts here every other week, to provide you with new tricks, techniques, and just interesting discussions in mental health.

So…mental health. I’ve thrown that word around quite a lot, but what is it? It is essentially the way we think, feel and how we cope with the rapid rollercoaster of life. It is safe to say we all face crazy ups and downs in our lives. With each event: time passes, events pass but what about its impacts? The impacts these have on us. How we respond. How we feel. How we behave. The impact on:


We know sharp objects can cause bleeding. We know bumping into hard objects can cause bruising. We know falling can cause broken bones. Do we know how plain old life can cause us injuries?

They cause injuries on our mental coping mechanisms: the way we think, feel, and behave. It is just the same as our physical health…it is just a lot harder to recognise and treat. I like to call it, ‘our invisible injuries’. The same way we mend broken bones with constant care, our mental health requires this same attention.

So, that is my very whistle-stop tour into this blog and hopefully gives you a bit on an insight into what to expect. I really hope you enjoy the upcoming topics and let me know if there any topics you’d like me to cover! Please also feel free to contact me on my email address if you need a chat, some resources or just any general questions.

Email: wellbeing@communitycareworker.com

On this closing note, I look forward to writing to you soon.

Shahara B

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