COVID-19 & Me

Since the pandemic began over a year ago, it has been essential for our community and wider society to continue to protect one another from coronavirus. We have taken many steps to protect ourselves and other, given these unprecedented circumstances, such as abiding with lockdown rules,  following new safety measures and essentially adapting the way we deliver our care at CCW through the use of PPE and additional safety measures. We’ve come a long way as a company to tackle these newly found changes and through the development and rollout of vaccines we are taking small positive steps towards normality.

Although we have seen restrictions ease, this collective effort to keep ourselves and other safe is still at an all-time high. The care and support we provide, is so important to a service user, and it is essential that we continue to work our hardest to provide this. But we always need to make sure you’re keeping yourself as well as service users safe in these calls – because we all know the domino effects of the coronavirus. One way we’ve ensured that we achieve this is through actively using PPE during our care calls, which you have all done a brilliant job at implementing so far.

Another essential and key safety measure to breaking that chain of transmission, is the use of regular rapid testing. It is important that as we work alongside the community and with our teams, that we cover every level of safety. So, lets have a look at why rapid testing is so important for us to keep up at CCW.

Why is rapid (PCR) testing needed?

Rapid testing, as mentioned before is crucial in our fight against coronavirus as it allows us to quickly identify cases of coronavirus where an individual may be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) or if they have newly contracted the virus. This not only allow you to take the time off you need to recover, and isolate but also protects those around you. With around 1 in 3 cases of coronavirus being asymptomatic, identifying these early cases is key to stopping the spread of the virus – especially as we work with a vulnerable population. Just one identified case of the virus , can prevent so many other cases of the virus – it’s simply a detrimental domino effect.

The importance of PCR testing can not be stressed enough – in fact it is even a council requirement. By using the PCR testing provided by CCW, you are not only ensuring quality care to your service users, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones. Moreover, you are helping to tackle the virus on a much larger scale.

Despite the easing of Covid-19 regulations, it is still our duty of care at CCW to ensure we are keeping staff, clients and the public safe. We would like to remind staff that it is still a requirement to complete weekly PCR Covid-19 Tests. These results should be reported to :

At the bottom of this post please find the attached reply slip confirming acceptance of this procedure by Friday 6th August,2021.

Anxiety & Covid-19

So, we’ve had a chat about the importance of testing for coronavirus and keep others safe. What about the effects these times can have on our mental health?

It is completely normal that the unknown and all these changes, makes us feel anxious and triggers those feelings of low mood. Everyone feelings following the new vaccines and testing, are understandably different. It is important to remember that it is OK to feel this way and for many of us these difficult feelings will pass.

There are a few simple things in the meantime that we can do to take care of our mental health during times of uncertainty. Through caring for our mental health, we take can look after ourselves, our loved ones and our service users.

  1. Stay connected with people
  2. Talk about your worries
  3. Support and help others
  4. Feel prepared
  5. Look after your body
  6. Stay on top of difficult feelings
  7. Do things you enjoy
  8. Look after your sleep

For more helpful tips and information about mental health and coronavirus check out: Worried about coronavirus? 10 tips to help manage anxiety – Every Mind Matters – NHS (

If you feel anxious, low or just need a general check-in, please feel free to contact myself through emails to arrange a chat and look into the best support suited to you.


Contact Wellbeing Advisor:

For additional and extra resources

Available to have a chat

Available to discuss further information and signpost services

Contact Staffordshire and Stoke Wellbeing Service (IAPT):

Improving access to psychological therapies service

Delivers evidence-based psychological therapies for common mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety

Can self-refer

Reminder: Please download and complete below form, and send back to

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