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Festive Wellbeing!

Over the coming period of winter, there’s always a lot of excitement and joy – with celebrations such as Christmas, Hannukah and the New Year! Although this can be really exciting, many people also find this time of year overwhelming. The never-ending to-do list alongside the current climate can again cause us to feel increased stress and anxiety. Today’s blog post will be covering some helpful ways to make sure we give ourselves the gift of self-care this season 😊

You got a friend in ‘you’

Whilst surrounded by those that we cherish and low, sometimes these expectations and events can cause our ‘internal bully’ can take the stage. It’s key that we remember to give ourselves time to relax and unwind, remembering that we are worth it and deserve the break. One key question that we can always ask ourselves is: ‘what would I tell a friend who was feeling like this?’

Setting an Agenda

We all love to set plans for Christmas but its important to remember that we need to set ourselves boundaries. Making sure we have time for us to practice self care as well as managing any sense of social obligations that we may experience. With so many things occurring at once it feels easy to always say ‘yes’, it is key to remember that ‘no’ is not a bad word and can still be used during this time. When setting boundaries and an agenda its important that we can work on the priorities, as opposed to trying to complete large chunks of chores. A key question to help us prioritise is, ‘if this does not get done what’s the worst that could happen, and even then, how likely is this worst possible outcome?’

Action planning Self-Care

Within our busy schedules it’s important that we begin to incorporate time for our self. This may be taking 10 minutes to practice some self care whether this be exercising, taking a bath, or even just catching up some sleep! If we find ourselves struggling with sleep with late nights, it can be helpful to try and maintain this as close to our regular sleep pattern as usual. This prevents our inner body clock from getting confused and overworked – which may lead to struggling to sleep further when we finally get into bed. Throughout this period, it is key to create experiences for ourselves.

Festive Routine

We all know how much we must do in the upcoming weeks, so it is essential that we prioritise and tackle down this list one task at a time. One really helpful tip is to use post it notes to write these lists on. This makes sure that our lists are always small and manageable as opposed to daunting lists – 4 little lists of 5 items, feels a lot more manageable than 20!

It is also key to remember that we must leave time for the unexpected! Leave some wiggle room in your routine for things to take a little longer and go wrong – because sometimes that’s beyond our control. With the current ambiguity, it would also be helpful to ensure that we have a small backup just in case the regulations of the government change in the meantime.

If you feel anxious, low or just need a general check-in, please feel free to contact myself through emails to arrange a chat and look into the best support suited to you. Wishing you a happy holidays and new year!

Season Greetings…



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