Worry Hurricanes: Outline of Worry Management

Anxiety and worry are something which we all experience – it would be pretty shocking if you didn’t. These worries are an instinctual component of humans as we use this anxiety to keep ourselves safe. Like anything, sometimes these worries can feel like they overtake our minds, making us feel like we’ve got a bitContinue reading “Worry Hurricanes: Outline of Worry Management”

COVID-19 & Me

Since the pandemic began over a year ago, it has been essential for our community and wider society to continue to protect one another from coronavirus. We have taken many steps to protect ourselves and other, given these unprecedented circumstances, such as abiding with lockdown rules,  following new safety measures and essentially adapting the wayContinue reading “COVID-19 & Me”

Welcome to CCWellbeing

Hi, my name is Shahara – your CCW Mental Health Wellbeing Advisor. Bit of a long title I know…but all it means is that I’m here to support and advise you with all thing’s mental health. This blog is all about giving you all the information that you might need about mental health. I’ll beContinue reading “Welcome to CCWellbeing”

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